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Fri, 12 May


Skylight Centre

LONDON - Facing Our Personal and Family Shadows

A one day workshop for leaders and change agents working on societal transformation

LONDON - Facing Our Personal and Family Shadows
LONDON - Facing Our Personal and Family Shadows

Time & Location

12 May 2023, 09:30 – 17:30 BST

Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica St, London N5 1JT, UK

About the event

Most change work is forward-facing – yet often it is unresolved trauma from the past that prevents us from moving ahead, whether individually, organisationally or within communities and wider social systems. If we have not faced our shadows, they keep us stuck. True freedom to move forward only happens when we face our past, acknowledge injustices and restore balance.

As leaders and pioneers of change we are typically passionate about our work and what we can do to improve the world. Sometimes, however, we can become consumed in our work and we don’t sufficiently attend to what we need to heal in ourselves. 

When we use Constellations to explore what is getting in the way of greater effectiveness and impact, it often becomes clear that we could serve the world better if we spent more time attending to our own personal healing.

In this workshop we will create a space to acknowledge, let go of and transform the personal and inter-generational family wounds and traumas we that all carry, whether consciously or unconsciously. In doing so, we will free up more of our power and potential for bringing positive change to the world. 

What do we need to grieve in relation to what happened to us, or in relation to what we didn’t get? What have we been unconsciously carrying on behalf of previous generations that we now need to put down? By facing these wounds and losses, we end up feeling lighter and discover gifts and insights that we can offer to the world.

This workshop will include small group exercises and larger Constellations in the whole group. The day will be experiential and embodied, allowing us to explore what the body knows but sometimes the conscious mind does not. 

We will discover that we do this work on our own behalf and on behalf of the families we belong to - and that we also do it for each other and for the health of the greater whole. As we heal as individuals we also become a little more inspired and more empowered for the healing of our families, our communities and the wider world.

About Systemic Constellations

In Systemic Constellations we use "living maps" where workshop participants stand in as "representatives" to represent different parts of the system we are looking at. This is a remarkably powerful diagnostic tool that helps us see the system in a new light. Through this map we can explore who may have been exploited, oppressed or excluded; what historic injustices have not being fully admitted or acknowledged; where historic loss and trauma has not been fully grieved or released. We can then work to recognise and remember those who have been exploited and oppressed; to acknowledge the painful truths of what they have suffered; to grieve what has been lost; and to understand what might be done now to repair, rebalance and restore.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for those who are working for positive social and environmental change, particularly if you are aware of how past traumas and injustices are still alive today and somehow block our progress in addressing important societal challenges.

The workshop is open to those with experience of Constellations and those who are new to it. Systemic Constellations are very embodied and intuitive, so the most important thing is to be open and willing to trust the process. Constellations can be powerful and intense, but typically they bring a great sense of release, relief and hope for the future.


To make the workshop accessible to all, we offer a range of prices so that you can pay according to your means. If you can afford to pay more, please pay the "supporter" rate - which helps us to continue to offer discounted rates to those who can't afford the standard rate.

(The payment system only allows us to charge in one currency on this website, which is why the amounts are quoted in GB Pounds for all locations.)


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