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For the past twenty years I have worked across a variety of sectors to tackle some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges. I have worked with everything from startups to the world's largest companies; with small local charities and civil society organisations through to large global ones; with national and subnational governments; and for the past six years for the UN Development Programme. 

I have become increasingly disillusioned with our focus on linear and technocratic approaches to change. We need to work in much more collaborative, co-creative ways. We need to attend to the psychological and behavioural dimensions of change - and focus on building stronger trust and relationships as the foundation of effective collaboration.

In my work with leaders and their organisations, I bring an integration of multiple perspectives and approaches. In particular, I combine:

  • Two decades of working in sustainability and international development across a wide variety of issue areas 

  • Two decades of experience with personal and organisational Constellations, as well as trainings in somatic coaching and psychotherapy.

  • From my earlier career, a decade of working in corporate finance, venture capital and strategic consultancy.

More about me on LinkedIn.

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